The Stranger And The Little Girl


I had never seen the guy before. He was an older man and he was at my church with a young girl who appeared to be his granddaughter. He was the talkative type. She was not. When I reached out to shake her hand she buried her head in her arms.

The same scenario played out with other members of our church who introduced themselves to the two strangers. Finally, someone asked him why he came.

A few years back a group from our church started leading a ministry at a trailer park in our community. The group led backyard Bible clubs, had cookouts, delivered school supplies for the community and helped people with medical expenses.

A bond was formed.

While all of that happened, the old man was watching. He didn’t live in that trailer park community but his granddaughter did. He said that he was thinking about moving in to it.

“When I saw what the church was doing in that neighborhood I didn’t want to miss out on it.”

And on Wednesday night the stranger and the little girl came to church.

Just because they didn’t want to miss out.

When I was growing up, the popular method of getting people to come to your church was knocking on their doors. I don’t think that’s the best way. If you really want to reach people, give them something that they don’t want to miss.

Just give them Jesus.

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