Bloody Hands

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Several years ago I was in a wreck. A guy was parked on the side of the road in, get this, a tow truck. I waited behind him before it became obvious that he wasn’t going to move within the next few minutes. I slowly drove around. That’s about the time that he decided to move. I was going 0 MPH. He was maybe doing 5 MPH. So it wasn’t a very violent wreck. The violence that did take place was all directed at my automobile.

When the police officer showed up I thought things would work out pretty quickly in my favor. I was wrong. The two truck driver told a different story. And the officer seemed to believe him. He even wrote me a ticket. Apparently getting hit by a tow truck driver who also happened to be driving without a license was illegal in that town.

I was angry.

But there was hope.

The accident happened right in front of the drive-thru window of that town’s small community bank. The lady on the other side of that window saw the whole thing.

Finally! Justice was working in my favor. All I had to do was get the lady at the bank to talk to the officer. Things were looking up for me.

I was happy.

But not for long.

That lady who was working at the bank and who saw everything that happened didn’t want to talk. It was none of her business and she wanted to keep it that way.

I went back to being angry.

I just finished watching another undercover video where the evil practices of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider were exposed. On Monday night, I saw another one. The first video showed abortionists at a conference laughing about a murdered baby’s eyeballs falling. In the second video, the abortionists talked about how “cute” and “amazing” the heart was of one of her victims. She went on to speak of how much she, “respects development.”

Over ten similar videos have been released since this summer. The Democratic Party has reacted by standing strong on their party platform of child murder. The Republican Party responded to the videos by creating show votes that they knew would never get anywhere just so that they could say that they tried, all the while not upsetting their financial backers too much. If Republican representatives in this country were actually as pro-life as they would like for us to believe, these videos would never had to have been made in the first place. Say what you want about the Democrats but at least they’re consistent. They pretty much tell you that they’re pro-death in their party platform and when it comes down to it, they stick to their guns.

And the American people are really no better. Most of them respond to the horrors documented in these videos by wondering who’s up next on The Bachelor.

We are all the lady sitting at the drive-thru window at the bank that day. We can’t play dumb any longer. Through the wonders of undercover video and the Internet, the tragic events have played out right before us. To do and say nothing is an injustice.

The abortionists in these videos who laugh about killing babies while eating salad and adding up dollar signs in their heads aren’t the only bad guys here. The politicians who use the force of government to fund these operations are just as guilty. So too are the so-called conservative politicians at both the state and federal level who say what their constituents want to hear but who don’t have enough courage to do what God wants them to do.

Eventually, that lady at the bank came out to the scene of the accident. She reluctantly told the officer what she saw and went back to her seat at the drive-thru. I was glad that she said something before it was too late. The officer tore up my ticket. Justice won that day.

But it is losing now. And it’s losing bad.

All because half of our representatives in D.C., including our president, are okay with killing babies. But that doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I’ve come to expect it from the left in this country.

What really bothers me is the people on the right. You know, the ones who claim to be all for God and country. The ones who are supposedly strong against abortion. The ones who can’t be bothered to do anything about it when the opportunity presents itself.

So if there is one thing that most certainly is a bipartisan effort from our state and federal representatives, one thing they they can finally find common ground on, it is this.

The blood of the unborn is on their hands.

And it’s everyone’s business.

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