Deport Racism May Win Against Donald Trump But They’re Losing Their Own Kids

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What does it profit a man to achieve his political goals and forfeit his children?

The people who make up the group Deport Racism are sure to find out the answer to that question.

A lot of people do not like Donald Trump. The folks in Deport Racism count themselves among that group. In case you question their opposition to Trump, they made a video detailing their hatred. A very disturbing video. One that is too disturbing for me to link here.

In that video, Latino children flip birds at the camera and use language that would make Richard Pryor blush. I really do mean children. My guess is that the youngest kid in the video is around six. The oldest is maybe ten or twelve. Regardless of your political persuasions and passions, would you allow your small children to give the finger and curse at your political opponent?

For pretty much their entire lives, my kids have had a president who is opposed to their way of life. He mocks the Bible they learn from. He uses any opportunity he can to take the guns that they shoot. He takes their parent’s money to fund abortions. I could go on. And while I do take the time to point out to my kids where our president is wrong and why, I don’t make videos of them flipping him off and cussing him out.

That’s because I’ve got bigger things to teach them.

I want them to know that encountering people with opposing views, no matter how wrong those views may be, is no a excuse to put integrity and character to the side. Rather, it’s a time for that integrity and character to be strengthened.

I don’t like where our country is or where it is headed. The federal government is growing more tyrannical. Individual liberties are under attack. The family structure is being grossly redefined. And every four years, we’re told that if we don’t like it, vote it out. Sadly, it’s not that easy. Too often, the only alternative option to tyranny is diet tyranny. So in most federal elections, freedom loving people have nothing to vote for.

But there is a different option. In a very real sense, we can vote against tyranny and progressivism every single day. Fathers, you can do it by loving and leading your family. You can do it by training your kids to know and stand for what’s right, not with their middle finger raised but with their feet firmly planted on the truth of the Bible.

I specifically mention fathers, not because mothers aren’t important but because the Bible puts this responsibility on dads.

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 (ESV)

Teaching your six-year-old to lob F Bombs at your political opponents is not disciplined or instructive. It does however provoke him to anger.

Donald Trump probably will not be our next president. That’s a good thing. But what next for those kids who were used as Deport Racism’s pawns? Will they learn that getting your way is more important that developing your character?

Probably so.

And that’s about the time that their parents will realize that Donald Trump was the least of their problems.