Missouri And Yale: We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

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I’ve finally figured out what started the low-grade war that is currently raging on the campuses of Yale and the University of Missouri. It has nothing to do with Halloween or some guy in some truck yelling a racial slur at some student.

We can find the source of the problem at a little league soccer game.

Allow me to explain.

I was standing with my son, waiting for his game to start. The current game was winding down and things were getting intense like they usually do among the parents of six-year-old soccer players. At about midfield, two boys collided. There was nothing special about the collision. It clearly wasn’t malicious and I had seen my own sons endure much worse.

But the mother of one of the fallen boys apparently had not.

The fall happened right in front of her. The kid looked up at her and she forgot the first rule of parenting. Never make eye contact with your child when he thinks that he’s hurt but really isn’t. As soon as their eyes met, the kid screamed. The mother sprung out of her chair and walked out onto the field to pick up her son. In typical soccer fashion, the game carried on.

The mother walked her allegedly wounded child over to the other side of the field. As she did, the coach, who happens to be from another country, was in disbelief. I’m sure that he was second guessing his decision to relocate to the States.

“What are you doing? There’s nothing wrong with him.”

And there wasn’t.

But there is now.

The grown up version of that kid is now on the campuses of Yale, Missouri and a host of others and he’s a viral YouTube sensation for all of the wrong reasons. For years, parents have done everything for their children. And in so doing, they have done nothing for their children. Mom’s have made a big deal out of phantom injuries and have indirectly trained their kids to be whiners. Dad’s have seen it as their responsibility to finance every dream of their kids, even if it means allowing their daughters to play defensive tackle on the high school football team and have thus raised little gods and goddesses who don’t know how to cope when they leave home and find that the rest of the world doesn’t care so much about their dreams.

On top of all of that, when mom and dad do decide to land the helicopter and give the kids some space for an hour or two, television or some video game steps in to fill the parental void. Have you ever noticed what is said after a television show is interrupted for breaking news? “We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.” And that’s just what they’re doing. Programming.

So as a result, you have a generation of coddled, ill-prepared kids who see themselves as the hero in some social justice docudrama. And, when other authorities don’t give them their weekly Robin Williams to Matt Damon “It’s not your fault” hug like mom and dad did, well, shut down the campus quad because the safe zone is about to take over.

But there’s something else at play here.

There are people behind the scenes. It’s the “they” group you and I always talk about when we say, “They don’t want that” or, “They want to take that away from you.” In this case, they want to divide and conquer. And, in this country at least, there’s no better place to do that than on a college campus full of pre-programmed self-identifiying social justice warriors. And there’s no better way to kick things off than by reminding people of how offended they’re supposed to be.

So, Instead of simply not going to a Halloween party because you’re afraid that some costume there might offend you, you have to fight to shut down the entire holiday and then drop F Bombs on a professor when he commits the terrible crime of only listening to you and not agreeing with you.

Instead of dealing with a racist on your own, you have to call for the school president’s head because he didn’t get out of his car to get yelled at by you during a homecoming parade and because he hasn’t rushed right in to join some student’s hunger strike.

Instead of simply ignoring some offensive remark, you now have the campus police asking you to report “hurtful speech.”

What would Rosa Parks say about all of this?

“Wait, you’re upset over what now? I fought for respect and equality and you’re fighting over a Bruce Jenner costume?”

Something like that.

All of this comes together to form what appears to be the beginning of a very public collapse of our nation. And as much as we’d like to blame the government, we can’t for this one. They’re just taking advantage of an opportunity. An opportunity that would likely never have been there if more parents had just kept their seats when their kids fell down and prepared them to deal with pain and disappointment at an early age.

Free speech was once welcomed on the college campus like nowhere else. It was a place where people were encouraged to paint, say or do whatever was within their constitutional rights. It produced a lot of weird stuff but weird stuff is protected too. Not anymore, at least on some college campuses. Now, the truth is weird. Facts are weird. Politely disagreeing is weird. Now, the mob of overgrown kids who were raised by helicopter parents and programmed by television, has determined that constitutional rights are just plain wrong.

On the campuses of Missouri and Yale, the mob is winning.

That should scare you. Because a mob, perhaps you know it by it’s better known and less abrasive name – democracy, is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

Right now, our constitution is for dinner.

And if you love liberty, you might be next.

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