Will Your Church Be A Lighthouse?


It’s that time of year again. Fighting. Greed. Power plays. But enough about the Wal-Mart parking lot on Thanksgiving night. Let’s talk about your church and those wishing to be the next president of the United States.

Christians, don’t prostitute your places of worship out to the most likely presidential candidate. Remember, the church is the body of Christ, not a billboard to be used by Donald Trump or any other candidate. If we remember that, we will find ourselves making a much bigger impact in our communities and around the world.

Don’t get me wrong. Christians must speak up. Our voices must be heard defending the unborn, the orphan, the widow and the abused. Our presence must be felt in the public square. This is no plea for Christians to get out of politics. Rather, it is a plea for Christians to get politicians out of their churches, unless those politicians are content to worship Jesus with everyone else in the church (James 2:1-13).

People are hurting. They are scared and they are looking for answers. The last thing the man who just lost his son to suicide needs to hear on a Sunday morning is some lesser of two evils presidential candidate reminding us of why he’s better than Hillary Clinton. What that man needs is the gospel. He needs to be reminded that Jesus is in control and that Jesus is good. Rand Paul or Ted Cruz aren’t going to do that. And I don’t know that we should expect them to. Perhaps we should just let them figure out how to balance the budget and shut down ISIS and let the pastor take care of the Sunday morning sermon.

And that Sunday morning sermon should not be devoted to telling people who they should vote for. Most of us have the candidate that we like. And that’s good. But that candidate, no matter how sincere or noble, should not be propped up as if he can do what only the gospel can. Pastor, write a blog post about your political opinions. Share them with friends over a slice of pizza. But don’t push the Bible to the side on Sunday mornings in order to have more time to let everyone know what you think about Marco Rubio. Even worse, don’t open the Bible and use it to prove that the white horse from Revelation 19 is really Marco Rubio.

Your church should be about the business of lifting up Jesus Christ, not Ben Carson. Your church should be a place where broken hearts find their hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ, not Jeb Bush’s tax plan. And your church should be a place where Jesus, not some politician, is presented as victorious over the enemy. In case you need reminding, that ultimate enemy is Satan, not Hillary. Feel free to leave your own joke about that in the comments section on Facebook. You’re welcome.

There are two options for your church when it comes to the campaign for president. It can play the part of a lighthouse or a prostitute. If you want to be a lighthouse, just love Jesus, love people and preach the gospel faithfully. If you want your church to be a prostitute, I hear that Donald Trump has a few Sunday mornings open next month.

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