The Painful Truth About San Bernardino

WORLD PRESS SPOT NEWS SINGLE THIRD PRIZE (FILES) -- A file photo taken on October 23, 2014 shows militants of Islamic State (IS) standing just before explosion of an air strike on Tilsehir hill near Turkish border, at Yumurtalik village, in Sanliurfa province. Bulent Kilic was awarded with the World Press Spot News Single third prize for this photo on February 12, 2015. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC PHOTOGRAPHY-MEDIA-PRIZE-TURKEY-SYRIA-CONFLICT-KURDS-FILES

I’ve been in several street races and I’ve won them all. There’s a special rush that comes with driving up next to my opponent and waiting at the intersection for the light to turn green. But even that can’t compare to the feeling of blowing past the other car to take the win.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are two things that you need to know about my street racing career. First, in each race, my top speed was probably 40 mph. Second, I don’t think that my opponent, usually a kind looking elderly lady in a Buick, has ever known that she was in a race.

But who cares? I still won.

There’s a moral to my street racing. The easiest people to defeat are the ones who don’t even know that they’re in a competition.

Knowing that helps us to understand the impact of what happened in San Bernardino on Wednesday. We are at war and that war is taking place on our own soil. Islamic terrorists know this. But many Americans don’t. And unless that changes, our destruction is inevitable.

About the time the last bullet hit the ground Wednesday, pundits and politicians were already talking about gun control. It’s almost as if they don’t want to waste a good crisis. Perhaps that’s why they still prefer the phrase “mass shooting” over “act of terror.”

Friends of mine with no connections to the media or the higher levels of the federal government, at least as far as I know, knew that this terror attack was done at the hands of Islamic extremists pretty early on. Some were even talking about Syed Rizwan while major media outlets were still informing us that the folks at the local Planned Parenthood were safe (except for the babies, of course) and hoping that the shooting was done by a Southern Baptist.

Following the terror attack, President Obama announced that he would be considering executive actions on gun control to try to keep things like this from happening again. Around that same time, we were informed that the terrorists behind the attack had turned their home into a bomb storage pod. Let’s all hope that the president takes the necessary actions to make it illegal for people to throw bombs at other people. Wait. My sources are informing me that such activity already is illegal. Good. One less thing for us to worry about.

While the president is planning executive orders, the media is sitting on facts and completely misrepresenting other aspects of the story and progressives are reminding us of how stupid it is to pray, the jihadists are at war. And so far, they’re winning. And it’s happening on our own soil.

On American soil, they have chopped off the head of an American citizen.

On American soil, they have shot up military recruiting offices.

On an American Army base on American soil, they shot and killed 13 American citizens.

I could go on.

Most of this came without much of a response from the White House, other than to refer to the Fort Hood tragedy as an act of workplace violence. However, when Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood last week, the public relations firm for the White House (otherwise known as the national media) was quick to try to tie Dear to evangelical Christianity and the pro-life movement, even though absolutely nothing in his life points to such a lifestyle.

If the media and the current administration could somehow team up to be half as tough on Islamic terror as they are on homeschoolers and veterans of foreign wars, we could probably have ISIS wiped out by next Tuesday.

Efforts were made to push the workplace violence storyline on the American people on Wednesday until it was discovered that the disgruntled party had ties to known terrorists, kept bombs at their home and planned the attack ahead of time. Remember that time when a guy just snapped at work one day and came back with his wife, several guns and bombs and military gear that he just happened to have around the house? Neither do I.

Several law enforcement officials agree that gun control is the last thing that this country needs. Many of them are even going so far as to recommend that Americans buy guns and use them to patrol their own communities. Now is the time for American citizens to take their advice, buy a weapon, get the proper training and pray that you never have to use it for anything more than target practice or hunting.

Either way, you need to do the job of protecting yourself, your family and your community from Islamic terrorism.

Because it has become painfully obvious that our current administration has no interest in that job.

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