Is Oscar A Racist?


I went for a run early Thursday morning. My route took me through several areas of town that are mostly populated by black families. As I passed folks, some waved. Others laughed about it being so cold. No one, I repeat, no one said anything to me about how much they hoped that the day’s Oscar nominations included enough black people. But a few hours later, that’s what I read on my newsfeed.

I tried to sympathize with the people voicing their frustrations over the apparent snub of Straight Outta Compton. But I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried, and it wasn’t that hard, I couldn’t make myself care. And I think that the people I passed on my morning run would say the same thing. The only ones who care about this sort of thing are the ones who are paid to care. Or, to be more blunt, the only ones who really care about the lack of black presence in Academy Award nominations are those in the media who are paid to get us all worked up about such nonsense.

Forgive me for being so insensitive but it’s movie awards. It’s not like we’re talking about the lack of diversity on the Democratic Presidential debate stage where we have a white crook, a white Santa Clause and a white guy that no one is voting for.

Racial tension has gotten so out of hand in this country that we can’t even enjoy movies without being reminded of how we’re not supposed to be enjoying movies or getting along. Long before the new Star Wars movie came out there were numerous reports that the film would promote the mass killing of white people. A few days before I took my family to see the movie, a media personality lectured the country on how the movie was racist because Darth Vader wore a black suit.

Maybe I was too busy enjoying the movie for what it is, but I didn’t see anything having to do with racism against whites or blacks in the movie.

If we’re ever going to get along with each other in this country, we have got to stop listening to the people in the media who keep reminding us that we’re not supposed to be getting along. It’s up to us to do this. If there’s one thing that people of all political persuasions can be sure of, it’s the fact that our elected officials do not care about seeing this happen. Some are more concerned with marching to the drum beat of their big money donors while others exploit, or even promote our division to gain more control.

In response to the Oscar nominations, Al Sharpton said, “Hollywood is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher up you get the whiter it gets.” That doesn’t exactly sound like something Martin Luther King would say.

On the other side, conservatives have Ann Coulter who does a better job of promoting anger, the high blood pressure of her audience and, well, Ann Coulter than she does at promoting anything having to do with liberty.

Americans should stop listening to both of them. In their absence, we need to start having meals with each other. We need to take the time to get to know individuals, not the groups we believe them to represent. You need to get to know Jackie, not that black lady who you think probably, maybe perhaps could have voted for Obama. You need to develop a relationship with Ed, not the white dude who you think might be stockpiling weapons to kill black people with just because he has the audacity to drive a truck.

Racism is a problem in this country. But it’s not going to be fixed on Facebook, by a president or with Oscar nominations that we approve of. It will be improved in our neighborhoods. You know, the places where people don’t care about Oscar nominations. The places where people live next to one another. The places where, for the most part, people get along with one another despite what Al Sharpton and Ann Coulter have to say.

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