Peaceful Easy Feeling

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I mean no disrespect to David Bowie. I was sad to hear of his death last week. I felt bad for his fans. But I wasn’t one of them. The same goes for Alan Rickman. And Dan Haggerty.

Glenn Frey joined them in death on Monday night. But his passing really bothered me. Whenever the folks in Hollywood finally get around to making a movie about my life, there will be quite a few songs on the soundtrack that were written by Glenn Frey.

Their Greatest Hits album was among the first CDs I ever bought from those Columbia House mail outs where you could by 12 albums for a penny. Later on, when I needed money in college, I pawned it for five bucks. And a few years after that, when you could download your albums online, guess which one was among of the first.

I put a lot of miles on my car while listening to the Eagles. I thought about life while listening to the Eagles. I wondered how a Don Henley could play the drums and sing at the same time while listening to the Eagles. Don was the most talented and had the most successful solo career. But Glenn was always my favorite.

We have a tradition in our house. At pretty much every meal, we listen to music. A lot of meals in our home have been eaten while Glenn Frey sang to us about taking it easy. It didn’t take long for my sons to fall in love with the Eagles like their father did. There were quite a few nights when they would ask me if they could listen to the Eagles while they fell asleep.

I always said yes.

Glenn Frey was 67 when he died on Monday. That seems to be the norm for the rock stars who make it out of their 20s. Whenever I listen to the Eagles, that’s where Glenn Frey is. His 20s.

On Monday night, I was reminded of how wrong I was. Glenn Frey wasn’t 20. He was 67. His music may live on and on but he will not. And that makes me sad.

When I was in college, right around the time the Eagles got back together, we had to go to chapel everyday. On Fridays, there was usually a band that played the cool, cutting edge music that apparently wasn’t allowed to be played the rest of the week. They played a song called Sweet Home Up Above Us to the tune of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. See what they did there? And they also used to play Amazing Grace to the tune of the Eagle’s Peaceful Easy Feeling. It was basically the same words as the old hymn with the chorus to Peaceful Easy Feeling thrown in.

I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling

And I know you won’t let me down

Cause I’m already standing on the ground

Glenn Frey lived the life of a rock and roll star. It’s that lifestyle that likely caught up with him at 67. It wasn’t always peaceful and easy for Glenn. Sure, he was successful, but there was still turmoil. There was heartache. And there was sickness.

I just hope that at some point before Monday night, Glenn Frey, even in the face of death, got to experience God’s Amazing Grace.