If I win a political argument, but have not love, I just add to all of the other noise.

And if I have the power to bring about change, and understand how things work and know more than most others and even have enough faith to make the impossible a reality, but have not love, I am wasting my time.

If I promote social justice, and even sacrifice my own well-being, but have not love, I am being counter-productive.

Love waits for those who have not yet arrived and it is gentle with them along their way. Love is content with the success of others and it is not self-centered.

Love is not vulgar or always trying to stir something up. Love recognizes when there is another way that is better. Love is not cranky or bitter.

It does not delight in evil or the sufferings of others, but it celebrates the truth.

Love carries the load when no one else can, it seeks what is best for another, it desires the best for another and it sticks around when all others have left.

Love is not temporary. Powerful words and teachings will die. Great talents and gifts will come to an end. There will be a time when an expensive education will no longer matter.

We don’t know it all and we certainly can’t explain it all.

But when everything is finally made right, most of the things that caused us to forget how to love one another will be gone.

When I was a kid, I said the silly things that kids say, my thoughts were childish and even what little logic I had was very immature. Once I grew up, I grew away from those juvenile characteristics.

Right now, we aren’t able to see the whole picture, but there is coming a time when we will look Christ in the face. When that happens, everything will make sense because I rest in the middle of God’s perfect knowledge.

In eternity with Christ, there will no longer be a need for faith or hope but there will always be perfect love between God and man. Love matters the most.

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