If Only The Unborn Could Talk Back


Voting for Donald Trump sends a message to Washington DC. That’s what Trump supporters and certain members of the media like to tell us. They’re right. It does send a message to DC. And if there’s anyone in need of a message, it’s the folks who are too busy stealing our money to bother with protecting our liberties.

But a vote for Trump sends another message.

This other message isn’t for power hungry politicians. You could say that the recipients of this message are on the other end of the spectrum. Rather than fighting for more power, these folks are doing their best to fight for their lives.

When you vote for Donald Trump, you are sending a message to unborn babies. And that message is clear.

“Sorry about you getting killed and all but we really want a wall. Also, Donald tells it like it is and he’s our only chance to beat Hillary.”

If only the unborn could talk back.

A lot of voters do not care about the unborn. But conservative evangelical voters are supposed to. If we’re not standing up for them before our government, who will? The Feel the Bern crowd? Not hardly.

Most people know that Donald Trump is a scoundrel. But, by their math, he’s a scoundrel who can beat Hillary Clinton. Quick question. What good does it do to beat Hillary if you have to elect the devil to do it?

Back before Donald Trump became a cult leader. Sorry. Did I really just write that? I’ll have to remember to correct it before this goes public. Anyway, back before Donald Trump became a presidential candidate, he was just a businessman who went bankrupt and gave a lot of money to politicians. But now that he’s suddenly running for office, Trump is pro-life. Well, sort of.

At the last debate, Trump basically repeated the Planned Parenthood talking points in trying to convince us that the organization does a lot of nice things besides just abortions. Yes, and the KKK likes to adopt roads and keep them clean but I don’t see Donald Trump praising them too. Wait a minute. I sort of do. Bad analogy.

I get the appeal to Trump. He has tapped into some very legitimate anger in this country. But what I don’t get is the Christian support for Donald Trump. How can someone who carries the name of Christ vote for someone who merely uses the name of Christ for his own political advantages?

“But Lord, we had to vote for Trump. He was our only chance at beating Hillary.”

I’m sure that excuse will hold up very nicely.

Many people don’t like Trump but will still vote for him should he win the Republican nomination. They have to stick with the party. You know, the party that’s spending their great grandchildren into debt just as quickly as the Democrats are. The party that sends their children to war for no clear reason. The party that all but ignores the unborn until a guy with a hidden camera practically drops on its front door the moving images of baby parts being sold for profit.

And why again must we support the Republican Party regardless of the cost?

But still conservative Christians curl up in the fetal position at the prospect of a President Hillary. All the while not realizing that a vote for Trump basically guarantees that Hillary will get elected. Good luck, Trump supporters, trying to get independents and conservative Christians to vote for the lesser of two evils in that race. My guess is that if we are left with a race between Trump and Clinton, Jesus will get more write in votes than any person in the history of our nation.

But I guess that there is the chance that Donald Trump will win. And maybe he’ll even build that wall that you’ve been wanting and keep telling it like it is. But I can guarantee you that he will do nothing for the good of the unborn. If that’s the greatness that Donald Trump and his followers keep talking about, I want no part of it.

So instead of spending my November trying to figure out which one of the two candidates is the lesser of two evils, I’ll pass on the game altogether.

Thankfully, God is in control. If you take the time to actually read your Bible, something that I’m sure doesn’t happen too often among all of those evangelicals who support Trump, you will see that the people of God have stood in the face of tyrants and survived to tell a story of God’s goodness. That God hasn’t changed. He’s still in the business of silencing wicked rulers while strengthening his people.

But sadly, many who claim to be God’s people have changed over the years. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood strong in the face of persecution. Today, many of those who claim to be their spiritual descendants abandon the persecuted unborn at the thought of Hillary being the next president. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego saw their faith in God as more valuable than their safety or allegiance to Nebuchadnezzar. Today, many people who grew up learning the story of these three faithful and brave young men are too blind, scared and uninformed to resist Nebuchadnezzar.

So instead of resisting, they just vote for him.

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