Hillary Clinton And Colored People Time


Everything is offensive.

Everything is racist.

Well, not quite everything. The only time when something isn’t offensive or racist is when a progressive politician says something that actually is offensive and racist.

Case in point, Hillary Clinton and the socialist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio.

It was one part skit and one part political endorsement when the two met together last week before a group called the Inner Circle. After announcing his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the former first lady said to de Blasio, “Well, it took you long enough.” The mayor responded by saying, “Sorry, Hillary. I was running on CP time.”

CP time stands for Colored People Time and plays into the stereotype of black people being late for things. When questioned on the comment, a spokesman for de Blasio said, “No one intended to offend anyone.”

Quick question.

Can you imagine how big of a cow the media and the social justice warriors on Twitter would have if a more conservative politician had said something like this? Especially if he responded to the outrage by saying, “Look, it wasn’t meant to be offensive.” Or imagine what would happen if some kid with chalk in his hand got caught sprawling CP Time all over the sidewalks at Emory University.

But never mind the double standard. What we should learn from the Clinton and de Blasio incident is that just because a politician promises to fight for you and give you a bunch of stuff doesn’t mean that they actually care about improving your situation. In fact, economic freedom and criminal justice reform are the last things that progressive politicians like Hillary and de Blasio want for black Americans, or any other Americans for that matter. It’s sort of like the charity that makes a $3 billion dollar profit every year trying to cure some disease. Do you think the folks on that charity’s payroll really want to find a cure?

The sooner that American citizens of all colors realize that most of the politicians in D.C. are fighting for themselves rather than the freedoms of the people, the better off we’ll all be.

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