We Need More Bad Guys


If you allow your ten-year-old daughter to make the three block walk to school all by herself, some in society will question your judgment as a parent.

If you let your twelve-year-old son play with a couple of friends at the playground down the street without adult supervision, you might get reported to some government agency.

If you buy your eight-year-old daughter a cell phone and allow her to use it unmonitored throughout all hours of the day, people will make every effort to let you know what a naive parent you are.

But if you so much as question the assistant manager at Target for allowing a grown man in a dress to come into the bathroom with your eight-year-old daughter, you are a bigot.

Our society, which speaks so much of protecting children, will not think twice about sacrificing those very same children in the name of tolerance. That’s because no one wants to be accused of being a bigot. No one wants to be on the wrong side of history. It’s as if our culture thinks that making a man use the men’s restroom is on par with keeping black kids out of public schools that were once for whites only. Twenty years from now, when the HBO docudrama is made about the LGBT movement, everyone wants to be seen marching arm in arm with the man in the dress and rainbow colored feathered boa.

Without giving it a second thought, many in our culture have consumed the propaganda that sexual preference is somehow the same as race. Well, it isn’t. Race is neutral. Unless you belong to the Margaret Sanger eugenics crowd that, ahem, gave birth to Planned Parenthood, you know that being black or white doesn’t have an impact on one’s character or morality. Good people and jerks come in all colors. It’s best when people are judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. You may have heard that somewhere before.

But that isn’t enough for the LGBT community and the political correction officers who fuel them. You’re not allowed to make any judgment. And no questions either. You must submit. Tolerance before common sense. Tolerance before the safety of our children. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that such logic comes from the same crowd that has turned murdering babies into a booming, government-funded industry.

It appears as though society’s elite mean something different than we think they mean when they tell us how much they care for children. For most of us, caring for our children means providing for them, shaping them and, yes, protecting them. For a frighteningly large portion of our culture, caring for children is just something that’s done until the next opportunity for sexual expression comes up.

And it appears as though the elites mean something different than we think they mean when they call us bigots. Most people who have not developed the virus that makes them mindlessly rattle off whatever talking points they hear on morning talk shows know that a bigot is simply someone who will not even consider listening to someone who holds a different opinion. But in the culture of sexual expression at all costs, a bigot is anyone whose common sense, logic and principles prohibits him from falling in line with the rest of the progressive crowd.

So if we’re being honest with ourselves, the real bigots are the ones who force you to accept the absurd with no questions asked, no matter what the danger is to your wife or children.

Twenty years from now, when the HBO docudrama is made about birthday cakes and bathrooms, I’ll be the bad guy. And that’s okay because in a world where the meaning of good and evil has been completely reversed, we need more bad guys.

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