Your Church Might Not Be As Pro-Life As You Think It Is


Is your church pro-life?

Are you sure about your answer?

Perhaps you need to take a closer look.

Sure, your church hates abortion. At least once a year, there’s a sermon against it. Folks from your congregation might even participate in the occasional pro-life rally at the state capital. You all hate the idea of some girl, somewhere in the country, giving up her baby to the abortion industry. Everything inside of you wishes that the nameless teenage girl, in some unknown part of our nation would keep her baby.

But what about the girl that you do know? You know, the girl that sits a few pews over from you on Sunday mornings? The scared teenager who will no doubt be keeping her baby but has no idea what to do beyond that? What about her?

Will the self-righteous looks and passive aggressive comments from some of the stone throwers in your church make this young girl wonder if keeping her baby was the right decision?

Will the leaders of your church care more about teaching her a lesson than they do restoring her in grace?

Is there an environment in your church where those who have made the same mistakes feel free to come alongside this girl to walk with her in love?

Will you help her with diapers and a crib and babysitting or will you leave her to herself because, “that’s what she deserves”?

There’s this philosophy among guys in the military. Leave no man behind. In battle, no matter the danger and regardless of damage that has already been inflicted, men do not leave their brothers on the battlefield. They run back to them. They get them up off of their feet. If they have to, they drag or carry them back to safety while dodging enemy fire. No man left behind.

Sadly, the Christian army is often very different. We ignore our wounded. We leave them to suffer and die alone in enemy territory. Or even worse, we shoot them.

Chances are, that pregnant teenage girl in your church knows that she’s blown it. She doesn’t need your daily reminders. What she needs is to be reminded of the gospel of grace. She needs to be reminded that Jesus came to save sinners, not hang out with perfect people. She needs to know that her sin is not beyond the reach of Jesus’ nail-scarred hand. She needs to hear passages like Matthew 1 preached where we see a pretty messed up family tree that eventually led to the birth of a perfect Savior.

I hope that your church is pro-life. But I hope that your church’s pro-life stance extends beyond a voting booth or a political rally and bleeds over into the next pew where a scared teenage mother-to-be is wondering what the future holds.

I pray that you are there to show that girl that no matter what happens with her and the life inside of her, there will be plenty of grace in their future.

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