Trading One Idol For Another

The only thing worse than worshiping an idol is replacing it with a different idol and then looking down on the people who worship the other one.

Many people who classify themselves as Evangelicals worship the Republican Party. It’s where they find their identity. Their joy is determined by how well the Republican Party does. Their hope is in the Republican Party. And as we have seen over the past year or so, their so called Christian morals take a back seat to the success of the Republican Party. This all became unattractively obvious over the past month as some Evangelicals defended Roy Moore by saying that teen girls should be flattered that a man of his stature would sexually harass them.

There is no denying the idol worship that takes place among those on the political right. But the same is true for those on the left.

In response to those naive Conservatives who were placing all of their hope in Roy Moore, Christians with a more Progressive slant commented on the absurdity of it all. And for good reason. But then they proceeded to do the exact same thing for the politicians and ideologies of their side of choice.

They rightly saw the harm that Roy Moore has caused teenage girls and their families but they turned a blind eye to Doug Jones’ history of condoning the murder of unborn babies.

They cringed as some on the right spoke of Roy Moore as if he were Moses coming down from the mountain with a brand new Contract with America. I cringed too. But then they proceeded to do their best Chicken Little impressions whenever leftists policies from the Obama administration were swept away.

The tax cuts will kill people.

The Net Neutrality decision will kill people.

Changes to Obamacare will kill people.

Oh, and God will judge everyone of a different political stripe.

This hyperbolic talk, of course, was taking place while the real killing of the unborn was going on. But we’re not supposed to be worried about that anymore, or so I’ve been told.

The Church is going to be just fine but I have my concerns about the American church. It’s like we’re in a fight over which golden statue we want to bow down to, the donkey or the elephant. Opinions are good and political engagement is necessary, even when we disagree. There’s enough room in the kingdom of God for a host of political philosophies and theories. But as long as the church continues to whore itself out to the Democratic and Republican parties, they will look less like the body of Christ and more like a very sick body. The answer to the Republican idolatry in the church is not Progressive idolatry. It’s repentance.

Jesus didn’t die so that His church could carry the water for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump.

Until we learn that lesson, we’ll continue looking like the suckers that the political parties want us to be and less like the salt and light that Jesus called us to be.

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Would Jesus Stand or Kneel?

Pick a side.

It has to be one or the other.

That’s what we’re always told. It has to be Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Chevy, Republican or Democrat, stand or kneel. There are no other options. To choose a third option is to condone the most evil of the only two real choices. And we call this freedom.

Even Jesus was told to pick a side. He had the wonderful privilege of choosing between the lifeless Saducees and the graceless Pharisees. He had the wisdom to denounce both groups. He rejected the Pharisees with his welcoming call to, “all who are weary and heavy laden.” He rejected the Saducees with his resurrection from the grave. Neither party, in their purest form, exists today.

Jesus is doing just fine.

We made it through the first two weeks of the NFL season without much controversy over people kneeling during the national anthem. Sure, some were still doing it and ESPN was still reporting on it but it was rapidly becoming a non-issue.

And then the President of the United States decided to share his opinion. The one who so many evangelical leaders have told us is, “God’s chosen man” called NFL players a name that I will not repeat here because of their refusal to stand during the national anthem. He did not, by the way, use such strong language toward the tiki torch mob in Charlottesville. Some of those were good people, remember? And then, the man who has told us that he has never needed to ask for forgiveness, lashed out at an outspoken Christian for refusing to visit the White House with his NBA championship team.

And, just like that, guess what dominated NFL coverage on Sunday. Can we just watch a game without the government getting involved? The president’s answer over the weekend was a resounding “No.”

For reasons that I’ll likely never understand, some Christians are okay with the president, “telling it like it is” and cursing people who take a knee during the national anthem. The same group that stages silly protests against the IRS on Pulpit Freedom Sunday has no problem with that same government condemning protestors who land on a different end of the political spectrum than they do. The same group that rightly has a problem with President Obama’s tyrannical reach into the consciences of bakers has no problem whatsoever with President Trump’s tyrannical reach into the consciences of professional athletes.

I do not agree with kneeling during the anthem. I always stand and take my hat off and I teach my sons how and why they should do the same. I also teach them that those who refuse to stand have a right to do so and, whether we end up agreeing with them or not, if we’re ever going to get over our divisions, we would do well to listen to them rather than obey the marching orders handed down to us by the president and his talk radio spokespeople.

Jesus did not die for us so that we could pick a side in some ridiculous culture war. He rules over such things and his followers represent him best when they are motivated by the command to love God and love neighbor rather than the desire to tell it like it is and stick it to the folks on the other side.

It can be so much fun to tell it like it is and stick it to the folks on the other side.

It’s just too bad that so few people, including the president, see how it is destroying the fabric of our nation and the credibility of the Christian witness.

The voices on both sides are loud.

Coke or Pepsi.

Ford or Chevy.

Republican or Democrat.

Stand or kneel.

Yet over all of them there is the still small voice that spoke creation into existence, sent Satan away in the wilderness, calmed the winds and the waves and will one day strike down the nations and rule them with an iron rod.

We would be wise to listen to that voice.

Because one day soon there will be no Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Chevy, Republicans or Democrats, and standing or kneeling during the national anthem.

There will still be Jesus however and he’ll still be doing just fine.


So you do have a choice.

But there are more than two options.

Choose wisely.

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What Christians Should Do About The Man In The White House

Nero was a liar and a murderer. And, in his time, he also happened to be perhaps the most powerful man in the world. That’s a dangerous combination that often leads to suffering. In this case, it was Christians who suffered.

Nero set fire to Rome and blamed the Christians for it. As a result, many followers of Christ paid the punishment for a crime they did not commit.

In light of all of that, Paul gave a strange command to the church in Ephesus.

Pray for Nero.

How often we forget to do that these days. It’s easy to criticize our leaders, especially when we do so in front of a crowd of people who agree with us. It’s much harder to pray for our leaders. All you need in order to criticize the president is a platform and some degree of anger. To pray for him requires humility and submission to God’s will.

And a little consistency.

Many conservatives talk about respecting the president. So tell a crowded church to pray for President Trump and you’ll likely get a lot of Amens and maybe even a few salutes in return. But many of the folks who today are telling us to respect the president are the same ones who not even a year ago were passing around memes comparing the Obamas to Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther.

It’s no better on the left. The folks who today are praising professional athletes for condemning the president and refusing to visit the White House with their championship teams are the same ones who accused other athletes of being bigoted for doing the same thing a year or two ago.

Why is this?

It’s because we would rather identify with our earthly rulers than commune with our real Ruler. Depending on whether we like him or not, we tend to view the president as an all-powerful benevolent dictator worthy of our worship or all-powerful tyrant who leaves us no other option but obsessive and paralyzing fear.

I like Paul’s option much better.


In both the bullying of the Obama administration and the chaos of the Trump administration, I’ve heard a lot of believers asking what we’re supposed to do.

The answer couldn’t be more clear.

We need to pray so, “that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Timothy 2:2, ESV).

Paul goes on to say that, “This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior” (1 Timothy 2:3, ESV).

This is not to say that we should never question the president or any other government ruler. There are times when condemnation is necessary. But there is never a time when prayer is not needed.

Some churches are known for worshiping the man in the White House, as if he were God.

Other churches are known for fearing the man in the White House, as if he were the AntiChrist.

The church that pleases God will be known for praying for the man in the White House, as if they’ve known all along Who’s really in charge.

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A Call For Cooler Heads And Broken Hearts

I just read a paragraph from a respected political commentator that startled me.

I might as well plant my flag in the ground on this point. I will actually be really surprised if we make it to December 31st of this year without people in this country taking up arms against each other. The rhetoric is so overblown, so heated, and so believed by a bunch of people who should know better.

It startled me because he may well be right. Listening to the way people talk these days and watching how they respond to tragedy leaves me no reason to believe that this was mere sensationalism. That’s the startling part.

Here’s the sad part.

The church is supposed to be different. We’re supposed to be salt and light. We find our identity in Christ, not a statue, a flag, a color, or a president. Somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten all of that.

We don’t care about the truth anymore. We just care about what we want to be true. On social media, some of the biggest spreaders of fake news are Christians. You know, the ones who belong to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And it’s all in an effort to stick it to the biased media.

Here’s the thing. Everyone is biased. MSNBC is biased. Sean Hannity and Fox News are biased. The guy sitting in his mother’s basement in Bulgaria making up those fake news stories that so many Christians share is biased. I am biased. You are biased. That’s why we need discernment. Without it, we just stick to hearing what we want to hear and reinforcing stereotypes. With it, we can actually look and act different in an angry world.

It appears that many in the church have settled for life without discernment.

This anger is on both sides of the political aisle. And on both sides of the political aisle, the hypocrisy runs deep too. Conservatives use words like snowflakes when describing the students who walked out on Mike Pence, forgetting that just days before the election there were several conservative, middle-aged snowflakes who promised to march on the streets with guns if Donald Trump was not elected.

Liberals all of a sudden care about journalistic integrity now that an easy target is in the White House. With the exception of Jake Tapper, no one at CNN seemed too concerned when President Obama threatened the media and targeted citizens with the IRS.

Liberals love to talk about resisting the power while at the same time gladly taking handouts from that very same power and laying down and rolling over when it’s their guy in power. Conservatives ramble on and on about respecting the office of the presidency now that a self-identifying conservative is in power. However, I lost count of how many memes I saw over the past eight years comparing the Obama’s to Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther.

Blindly identifying with a political party makes good men into hypocrites. Identifying with Christ actually makes a difference.

In our own country, armed guards are patrolling city streets while people remove statues. It matters not to me what you feel about Lincoln, General Lee or the Civil War. Here’s what really matters. What is your neighbor thinking? As a follower of Christ, I am called to love my neighbor before I’m called to love a flag, whether it be confederate or American, or a statue, whether it be Jefferson, Lee or Lincoln.

One day we will stand before God to give an account for our lives. In spite of what you may have read in some whitewashed, Americanized study Bible, you will not be asked your opinion of a statue or a flag. But your love for neighbor will come into play.

When the black kid across town got shot and killed, did you write him off as just another thug or did you seek to minister to a family and a community that you were already engaging long before tragedy struck?

When the gay activists mocked the God of the Bible, did you hate her as if she were your enemy or did you hate what the real enemy was doing to her and pray for her eyes to be opened?

Did you go on long rants online about justice in regards to the president and the FBI but ignore lesser reported miscarriages of justice in your own community and workplace?

Did you bend down to help the least of these or did you step up on them to promote your own brand?

Were you longing for the Kingdom of God or were the kingdoms of this world enough for you?

Did you care more about the speck in your neighbor’s eye than you did the plywood in your own eye?

That’s what Jesus really cares about.

It’s just a shame that the church doesn’t seem to share in his concern.

I’ve spent most of my life in the church. I’ve heard a lot of preacher types talk about what needs to be done to save this country. It started with rock music.

“We need to get rid of this rock and roll music if we want to save this country.”

Eventually they moved on to politics.

“We need to elect this one and get this one out if we want to save our country.”

All the while the real problem was neglected.

I don’t know anything about fixing our country again. That’s too complex for me. But I can tell you how we can fix the church. And believe me, that’s a big need.

The church needs to repent.

We need to repent for abandoning truth for what feels or sounds right.

We need to repent for rejoicing over those who weep and making distinctions among ourselves by being judges with evil thoughts (Romans 12:15; James 2:4).

We need to repent for placing our identity in a president, whatever party he or she may belong to, instead of a King.

Everyone is angry. Even the church. And for all the wrong reasons.

We must be different.

We must be the ones with cooler heads.

We must be the ones with repentant hearts.

For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17 (ESV)

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Franklin Graham Is Wrong When It Comes To President Obama And Guns

Franklin Graham is wrong.

For the record, I’ve got no problem with Mr. Graham. He does a lot of good for a lot of people. But even good men aren’t immune from being wrong. This time Franklin Graham is wrong when it comes to President Obama and guns.

In a recent Facebook post directed at the president, Graham rightly pointed out that Obama was looking in the wrong place in regards to gun violence. Graham tells us that the human heart, not a gun, is the real culprit behind the violence we are seeing in our nation. I agree with him. If guns are outlawed, people with murder in their hearts will just find something else to do their killing with.

Graham went on to recommend a better remedy to the problem than the president’s Executive Orders, namely the gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, Franklin Graham and I are in agreement.

But here’s where we part ways.

“Your proposal will do nothing to stop the violence that is being glorified by Hollywood. Every night the networks, movie channels, and theaters are filled with programming that glamorizes gun violence—guns are used to shoot, to kill, and to splatter human blood all over screens across America. There needs to be legislation to curb this. I would propose starting with a heavy tax on the manufacturers of any film or game that graphically depicts violence. If violent films and games were taken off the shelves, I believe we would see a dramatic drop in gun violence over the next few years.”

If the real problem is the human heart, why should the government ban movies that glorify violence? And if the real remedy is the gospel of Jesus Christ, why are we so quick to run to the government for a supposed cure? Also, how should we define graphic violence and who gets to decide this?

The second amendment matters. It matters a lot. But so does the first amendment. That’s why it’s a bad idea for the federal government to establish a Do Not Cross Line for violence in media and then impose a heavy tax on any who dare to step over. The founders were not interested in protecting popular speech. Their aim was to protect all speech.

For far too long, we have had a love affair with big government. Even conservatives have fallen into this. Everyone, it seems, is a Don’t Tread On Me flag waving Libertarian until they want something from the government. And the government is always eager to step in to offer their help. But there’s usually a catch.

The loss of freedom.

That can show up when you go to the store to buy a gun or when you sit down to watch television. If the government stops you from doing one, the other is sure to follow.

When it comes to violence in media, we have to use a tool that has grown frightfully dusty in many minds. It’s called discernment. There is some violence that needs to be seen. Schindler’s List is violent but when I feel that my kids are old enough, I’m making them watch it. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also violent and I’m never showing that to my kids. But I don’t need any help from the federal government as we walk through that process. I can manage just fine.

Progressives seem to think that all of our problems would be solved if the government would just do something about guns. I just watched quite a few of them applaud Whoopie Goldberg on The View when she suggested banning automatic weapons which, for the record, are not even available to the general public.

Many Conservatives believe that the government needs to do something about violent video games and movies in order to solve our social problems. Over 170 thousand of them clicked the like button on Mr. Graham’s Facebook post.

Both groups are showing their stripes and they look eerily similar. They are the red, white and blue stripes of big government.

We must remember that there will never be a perfect society here in our fallen world. But we can do our best to make it a free society. That can only happen when we hold our government accountable in matters such as balancing the budget and protecting us from enemies foreign and domestic.

But with regards to the movies you watch, the games you play and the guns you shoot, we’re all better off when the government minds its own business.

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The Painful Truth About San Bernardino

WORLD PRESS SPOT NEWS SINGLE THIRD PRIZE (FILES) -- A file photo taken on October 23, 2014 shows militants of Islamic State (IS) standing just before explosion of an air strike on Tilsehir hill near Turkish border, at Yumurtalik village, in Sanliurfa province. Bulent Kilic was awarded with the World Press Spot News Single third prize for this photo on February 12, 2015. AFP PHOTO / BULENT KILIC PHOTOGRAPHY-MEDIA-PRIZE-TURKEY-SYRIA-CONFLICT-KURDS-FILES

I’ve been in several street races and I’ve won them all. There’s a special rush that comes with driving up next to my opponent and waiting at the intersection for the light to turn green. But even that can’t compare to the feeling of blowing past the other car to take the win.

In the interest of full disclosure, there are two things that you need to know about my street racing career. First, in each race, my top speed was probably 40 mph. Second, I don’t think that my opponent, usually a kind looking elderly lady in a Buick, has ever known that she was in a race.

But who cares? I still won.

There’s a moral to my street racing. The easiest people to defeat are the ones who don’t even know that they’re in a competition.

Knowing that helps us to understand the impact of what happened in San Bernardino on Wednesday. We are at war and that war is taking place on our own soil. Islamic terrorists know this. But many Americans don’t. And unless that changes, our destruction is inevitable.

About the time the last bullet hit the ground Wednesday, pundits and politicians were already talking about gun control. It’s almost as if they don’t want to waste a good crisis. Perhaps that’s why they still prefer the phrase “mass shooting” over “act of terror.”

Friends of mine with no connections to the media or the higher levels of the federal government, at least as far as I know, knew that this terror attack was done at the hands of Islamic extremists pretty early on. Some were even talking about Syed Rizwan while major media outlets were still informing us that the folks at the local Planned Parenthood were safe (except for the babies, of course) and hoping that the shooting was done by a Southern Baptist.

Following the terror attack, President Obama announced that he would be considering executive actions on gun control to try to keep things like this from happening again. Around that same time, we were informed that the terrorists behind the attack had turned their home into a bomb storage pod. Let’s all hope that the president takes the necessary actions to make it illegal for people to throw bombs at other people. Wait. My sources are informing me that such activity already is illegal. Good. One less thing for us to worry about.

While the president is planning executive orders, the media is sitting on facts and completely misrepresenting other aspects of the story and progressives are reminding us of how stupid it is to pray, the jihadists are at war. And so far, they’re winning. And it’s happening on our own soil.

On American soil, they have chopped off the head of an American citizen.

On American soil, they have shot up military recruiting offices.

On an American Army base on American soil, they shot and killed 13 American citizens.

I could go on.

Most of this came without much of a response from the White House, other than to refer to the Fort Hood tragedy as an act of workplace violence. However, when Robert Dear shot up a Planned Parenthood last week, the public relations firm for the White House (otherwise known as the national media) was quick to try to tie Dear to evangelical Christianity and the pro-life movement, even though absolutely nothing in his life points to such a lifestyle.

If the media and the current administration could somehow team up to be half as tough on Islamic terror as they are on homeschoolers and veterans of foreign wars, we could probably have ISIS wiped out by next Tuesday.

Efforts were made to push the workplace violence storyline on the American people on Wednesday until it was discovered that the disgruntled party had ties to known terrorists, kept bombs at their home and planned the attack ahead of time. Remember that time when a guy just snapped at work one day and came back with his wife, several guns and bombs and military gear that he just happened to have around the house? Neither do I.

Several law enforcement officials agree that gun control is the last thing that this country needs. Many of them are even going so far as to recommend that Americans buy guns and use them to patrol their own communities. Now is the time for American citizens to take their advice, buy a weapon, get the proper training and pray that you never have to use it for anything more than target practice or hunting.

Either way, you need to do the job of protecting yourself, your family and your community from Islamic terrorism.

Because it has become painfully obvious that our current administration has no interest in that job.

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Being Cautious About Syrian Refugees Does Not Make You UnChristlike


Do you remember when Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner? In the blink of an eye, the former Olympian who I had not even thought about in two decades became a woman, went on the cover of a magazine and won an award from ESPN for being courageous. And I wasn’t even allowed to say, “Man, what is Bruce doing to himself? That’s weird.”

The tolerance police would have called my reaction hate speech.

And some Christians would have said that I wasn’t acting like Jesus for still calling him Bruce.

Both would have joined together to remind me of the importance of compassion.

Well, that same chorus is singing but this song is about the Syrian refugees who our country’s leadership is working hard to bring to the United States. Some Christians have stated that it is our duty as followers of Christ to show compassion to all (insert anywhere between 10,000 to 250,000) of these refugees. Nonbelievers have said the same thing. When nonbelievers start enlisting Jesus to help them prove a political point, look out. It’s about to get interesting.

If you have second thoughts about letting these refugees in, some would say, you value comfort over compassion and your faith simply isn’t radical enough. However, most of those same folks probably go to sleep at night behind the comfort of a door that they locked to keep out unwanted guests who probably just wanted to come in and eat in peace. The nerve!

Perhaps it would help us to take a look at what it means to be compassionate.

One time I was with my wife and small child when we saw a lady who needed a ride. I’m sure that you’ll forgive me for profiling but this lady appeared to be on drugs. I offered her a ride and she accepted. So there we were. Me, my wife, my infant son and some lady who we were all hoping wasn’t carrying a shiv. Finally, our short but anxious trip was over when we dropped her of at a location which, for the record, was not a church building.

It was a quiet ride home after that.

Later, my wife shared some wisdom with me in a very kind way. That’s one of the things that I love about her. She expressed to me that my compassion toward that woman could have very easily turned into a lack of compassion toward my wife and son. Quite simply, I put those under my immediate care in unnecessary danger.

So I read the story of the Good Samaritan to my wife and yelled at her for not being radical enough.

Not really. She was right. There were other options. For one, I could have called a cab for the lady and paid for it myself.

When it comes to allowing thousands of Syrian refugees into our country, there are other options besides, “Bring them on in. WWJD?!”

First, if we really want to talk about compassion, perhaps we should take a minute to think about what created all of this in the first place. It was the United States, along with help from other equally misguided western nations, that helped to create this monster we now call ISIS. That’s not just an Obama problem. It’s not just a Bush problem. It’s a horrific American foreign policy problem that has been going on for decades. When we needlessly topple foreign leaders and create even worse terror groups to take their place, it may be too late and our nation may be too complicit for any call for compassion to be taken seriously.

We must also consider the very real possibility that there is more than meets the eye with some refugees. According to the United Nations, an overwhelming majority of these refugees from the Mediterranean region, not just Syria, are men. According to Time, they are fighting age men. Now that could be because they don’t want to fight in Syria and they are leading the way to scope out a new home, church and little league soccer team to enjoy with their wives and kids. Or it could be what we might refer to as a soft invasion. Either way, shouldn’t we at least take the time to think about this?

Is it really unChristlike to question the narrative when it has already been documented that at least one refugee agency does not track refugees once they enter the country and that one of those refugees has already gone missing?

Despite what some may say, being cautious about allowing thousands of young men into our country who may or may not be here to attack us is not unChristlike. You could even make the case that it is very Christlike.

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Jesus said that in Matthew 10:16. But it doesn’t sound very radical, does it? That’s because most of us have grown to believe that compassion and common sense cannot work together when in reality they are two sides of the same coin. If you don’t believe me, try writing your name, social and checking account number on the bathroom wall of some place where someone in need might be able to find it. Get back to me and let me know how the rest of your family feels about your so-called compassion.

Yes, we must be compassionate and we must remember that we are a nation of immigrants. But we also must be wise. And there’s nothing wise or compassionate about trusting the same government that cannot adequately handle public schools to somehow take care of thousands of refugees from the current headquarters of global terrorism.

Christians, show compassion. Even when it’s hard. Obey what Jesus said, even when it involves the illegal immigrant who lives two doors down from you. But do all of that because you love Jesus, not because those who created the problem in the first place are condemning you for not jumping on board with their proposed solution.

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A Short List Of What You Can And Cannot Get Away With In Our Brave New World

This post was originally published on this site in 2013.

Things that are perfectly acceptable for celebrities, politicians and other really rich types to do whenever they please.

1. Hammer-licking on basic cable.

2. Twerking with a dude wearing a Beetlejuice suit.

3. Calling for the extermination of up to one half of the population.

4. Determining that human beings are not viable until they reach their second birthday.

5. Lying about healthcare.

6. Lying about terrorist attacks.

7. Using the IRS to terrorize American citizens.

8. Using the N-Word.

9. Killing people in your car because you were too drunk to navigate a curve.

10. Classifying all people who disagree with you as terrorists.

Things that are unacceptable for celebrities, politicians and regular folks. No exceptions. 

1. Manger scenes.

2. Saying that homosexuality is a sin.

3. Saying that you do not personally understand homosexuality.

4. Speaking in a southern accent.

5. Guns.

6. Moving dirt from one location on your private property to another location on your private property.

7. Refusing to use your own money to provide your employees with abortifacients.

8. Questioning the idea of global warming as you attempt to shovel ten feet of snow off of your driveway.

9. Questioning the concept of buying groceries, phones and medicine for people who have never worked and never care to work.

10. Getting on an airplane without being removed from your wheelchair and checked for explosives, guns, knives, Bibles and other contraband.

Did I leave anything out?

Silence Screams


On July 16, 2009, Henry Louis Gates was locked out of his own home. The door was jammed so he tried to force it open. A neighbor thought the scene looked suspicious so she had another neighbor call the police. From there, everything went sideways. What would normally be just another awkward neighborhood incident became a national story about race and the police.

Eventually, President Barack Obama got involved. He and Vice President Joe Biden shared a beer with Gates and the policeman who first arrived on the scene. As President Obama and his advisers saw it, the ugly incident between neighbors and the local police demanded his attention.

And so he responded.

In March of 2015, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview of sorts with Andy Katz. The two weren’t talking foreign policy or education. Andy Katz works for ESPN and for seven straight years, he has met with President Obama to talk NCAA basketball. More specifically, Katz, and the nation apparently, wanted to know if Obama had a 12 seed upsetting a 5 seed and who he had in his Final Four. As the president and his advisors saw it, this was a gold mine. The yearly NCAA bracket discussion would win him appeal among young, sports-loving voters.

And so he responded.

On July 14, 2015, The Center for Medical Progress released its first in a string of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of murdering babies and selling their body parts. Since the release of that first video, we have seen other videos. Gruesome videos. Videos of a lady eating salad and drinking wine while she cold-heartedly speaks of selling baby parts. If she were a pimp talking about one of her workers or a puppy mill owner talking about harvesting the organs of unborn dogs, the nation would be beside itself. But this lady was just talking about human beings. So a lot of people looked the other way and carried on with their lives.

Including President Barack Obama.

No sit down with Cecile Richards, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, and a representative from The Center for Medical Progress. No interview with the media, discussing how he feels about the videos.

We did get a comment from White House press secretary Josh Earnest. He informed us that the videos were, “fraudulent.” When pressed as to how he knew that they were “fraudulent” without having seen them, his basic response was, “Well, because Planned Parenthood told us they were fraudulent.”

Still, President Barack Obama has not spoken directly about these videos.


He has spoken through his press secretary. But he has also spoken through his silence. And his silence screams.

It tells us that all human life doesn’t matter. It tells us that money from financial backers is more important than genuine justice. And it tells us that tax-payer funded lab technicians poking and laughing at a baby with a beating heart just before slicing that baby’s face open to remove his brains is perfectly normal.

On October 22, 2010, President Barack Obama gave a speech. This speech was directed toward kids who are bullied. He told his audience that they, “Didn’t do anything to deserve being bullied.”


If only President Barack Obama felt the same way about babies.

If only our government wasn’t such a bully.

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Some Viewers May Find This Content Disturbing


It’s hard to say what is most disturbing about the undercover videos exposing the practices of Planned Parenthood.

It’s disturbing to watch people eating lunch while discussing all of the babies they have killed and sold.

The sight of a baby’s arm in a dish with the rest of his remains is disturbing.

Lab technicians laughing about the bag full of babies they have from that day’s killings is disturbing.

And it’s disturbing to hear senators defend these practices because they are afraid that in a world without Planned Parenthood, people might not be able to find out if they have chlamydia.

But there is something else disturbing. It is much more subtle but equally disturbing as the evils that I have just mentioned. It’s the sentence that has appeared in every video that has been released so far.

Some viewers may find this content disturbing.

I wish that sentence could honestly say, Everyone will find this content disturbing.

But everyone won’t find the content disturbing.

Our president won’t find it disturbing because he thinks that it’s okay to partially deliver and child and then kill it.

Some of our nation’s senators won’t find it disturbing because they won’t even bother to watch it. Doing so would force them to come to grips with the evil they have pushed on us all.

Others won’t find it disturbing because their consciences are so seared that taking the life of a baby seems okay as long as it means not having to deal with that horrific inconvenience of carrying, delivering and raising, Gasp!, twins.

When our country is finally judged for this evil, and believe me, it will be, the millions of dead babies, some unborn and others who were born, will stand as evidence against Planned Parenthood’s thirst for blood (and fetal tissue).

But the so-called doctors at Planned Parenthood and the politicians in D.C. won’t be the only ones with blood on their hands. You see, for a tyrant to operate, he needs some help. And the American people have been more than willing to help. All they’ve had to do is nothing.

The apathy of the people is fuel for tyrants.

Unless the people at Planned Parenthood and the politicians who fund them repent, they will all stand before God as murderers.

And unless the people of this nation repent for doing nothing, they will stand before God, just as guilty.

The crime of Planned Parenthood is their disturbing actions toward children.

The crime of many Americans is the simple fact that they never were disturbed.

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