What’s So Bad About Pinterest?

If you’re like me, you’ve been searching for a place to share recipes, post pictures of your dinner and tell everyone about all of the crafts that can be made with popsicle sticks but without all of the smut, depravity and violence one would find on Pinterest.

Well, now you can breathe easily. Godinterest is here and it promises to be a hit.

Remember, if there’s one thing that Christians are good at, it’s ripping off something popular and adding the word God to it.

Look, I don’t know a lot about Pinterest but when has anyone ever complained about the “subject matter” of Pinterest not being “family friendly”? Am I missing something here? Did Pinterest suddenly become Craigslist overnight? Well, there was that one news story about the two women who were killed while trading gluten-free bread recipes. Wait. No there wasn’t.

Also, I love the guy giving the review here. Any idea who he works for? I’m going to go out on a limb and say, oh I don’t know, Godinterest. I love it when companies give reviews of their own product. It’s sort of like the federal government suing itself or conducting an internal investigation. The whole thing just leaves us all¬†knowing that we’re not getting the full story.

And I like how he calls this an “innovative site” that is the “first of its type.” What’s innovative about changing the first few letters of an already popular website? It’s sort of like calling the guy at the flea market who is selling Air Gordon basketball shoes, “cutting edge.” I also have to disagree on the “first of its type” assessment. Has this guy never heard of Reborn or Lord’s Gym? What about Testamints?

Finally, what exactly does it mean to “capture God’s world in the moment” and how exactly would one do that through a website? Please tell me that this is not their motto.

Godinterest: Capture God’s World In The Moment. Or Just Show Us A Christian Picture Of What You Had For Dinner.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Shortly after, he created man in his image. And those men were themselves creators. Sure, not on the scale of The Creator but they still made things. Great things. They made giant boats. They made temples. They made symphonies, cathedrals and computers.

But somewhere along the way, Christians stopped creating.

Instead, we settled for copying.

And we wonder why we’ve lost our influence in the world.

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